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Saturday, November 1, 2008

My 2nd Halloween!!

I celebrated my 2nd Halloween yesterday with lots of visiting and fun!  First, mom dressed me up and took me to the mall to see Mary.  She cuts mom and dad's hair and someday will cut mine.  All the girls at the hair salon liked my witch costume.  Then we went to St. Helens to see mom's cousin Kim &  Don at their store.  Lucky for my parents, I slept the whole way there and most of the way home so I was fully charged for the evening's activities.  Grandma came over and had dinner with mom and dad and me (a pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphys).  Then we went to visit dad's friend Phyllis and Hal.  Then it was off to mom's friend Angela's house.  She was dressed up as a she-devil.  

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