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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - part 3

Here's just a picture of mom, dad & me.  

My 2nd Halloween - part 2!

Mom can't figure out this blogging stuff, so here is part 2 of Halloween.

After Angela's, we went to April & Kevin's house.  We hung out for a while and I played with Alexis, Kayla, Hayley & Brianna.  I also stole Kevin's wig.  This is what I'll look like if Mom ever tries to perm my hair!  Oh no!!  I tried to steal Hayley's candy, but I wasn't fast enough.  All in all, it was a really fun day.  Now I have to start thinking of what to be next year!

My 2nd Halloween!!

I celebrated my 2nd Halloween yesterday with lots of visiting and fun!  First, mom dressed me up and took me to the mall to see Mary.  She cuts mom and dad's hair and someday will cut mine.  All the girls at the hair salon liked my witch costume.  Then we went to St. Helens to see mom's cousin Kim &  Don at their store.  Lucky for my parents, I slept the whole way there and most of the way home so I was fully charged for the evening's activities.  Grandma came over and had dinner with mom and dad and me (a pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphys).  Then we went to visit dad's friend Phyllis and Hal.  Then it was off to mom's friend Angela's house.  She was dressed up as a she-devil.  

Lots of catch up for October

Wow!  I can't believe how time flies.  It's already November and I haven't blogged much.  Here's some stuff we've been doing since the pumpkin patch.  

A couple of weeks ago, mom and dad's friends Jon & Susan came and brought their new baby, London.  Here's a picture of me holding him.  He's a cool new friend.  We went downtown together in our BOBs and out to dinner and lots of fun hanging out stuff.  

Then, I went to the beach with mom and grandma.  It was really fun.  I crawled in the sand and practiced walking with mom and grandma's help.  I also chased Bob (the dog) around a lot!

More recently, I met one of daddy's good friends, Brendan Riley.  He was really fun too.  He's going to get married to his girlfriend Colleen I heard.  Congratulations!!!