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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marina's First Birthday Party!!

Today was Marina's first birthday party and she had so much fun!!!  Thank you to everyone who came!  She loves all of her presents and can't wait to play with them more.  Here are a couple of  good photos from the preparations and the actual party.

Here is Marina being nosy about the cupcakes I made for the party.  Can you see the expression on her face?

Here is Brian installing our new area rug before the party:  Marina was suspicious...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Latest events...

The past few weeks have been pretty busy!  We had a get together with other babies from childbirth class.  Ronan, Ronan, Hope and I were there.  We hung out at Sip n Kranz for a while and played really hard!  Here we are in a tub together!  

I also made a new friend from swimming.  His name is Judah and I went to his house.  He is super fun also.  What is it with all these boys?!  

Today we went to my friend Haylee's birthday party.  It was really fun.  More in a later post.  Here is a picture of Haylee and her grandma and me and my grandma.  And one of Haylee and Peggy helping me to walk!

I want a scooter!

Today I went with dad and Grandma to my friend Haylee's birthday party.  It was the first one I've attended and I learned a few things.  I found out none of the presents were for me.  That was lame.  I also learned not to crawl through my mom's plate of cake.  Oops!  Sorry mom!  

Oh, and the best gift was this scooter!  I loved it!  Check me out on my first ride.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Water Safety!

Apparently mom forgot to tell you about "Water Safety" day at swimming.  Actually, it wasn't that bad!  At least with a life preserver on, I can't get dunked!

What happened to August?

Wow, I can't believe August is over!  I started this blog with good intentions - of writing a lot, etc, but then Marina started crawling, so that went out the window!  August was a busy month.  We saw lots of people and went lots of places.  We spent time with my cousin and her family, Brian's aunt, uncle & cousin, his parents in Sunriver, my mom, and friends!  Here are a couple of pictures from the month and I'll try to be better in September.

We went to The Bite with Dory, Ronan & Jarrod and ate lots of food!!

A rare nap on Grandma...

Hanging out with Aunt Carol and cousin Ryan.

Stopping to see my friend Angela while she was camping at Detroit Lake.