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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Marina has a new friend!!  My friend Susan and her husband Jon had a baby boy on August 5th!  Congratulations to them!!  

Last week we went to the zoo with my friend Cindy and her daughter, Sophia.  Sophia is almost 2 and its amazing what we have to look forward to!  She was so excited to see the animals but Marina was more interested in watching Sophia.  We also went to The Bite with her friend Ronan and his parents.  Oh, and found time to go to lunch with Ace, and coffee with the other Ronan!  Marina is a social butterfly!!  

This week, Brian's aunt, uncle, and cousin are stopping in to meet Marina.  She's been keeping us on our toes with crawling and climbing the stairs about 20 times a day!    

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pooping in the pool, so not cool. ha ha!

Hi you guys. I came across your little place and it makes me smile!

Tons of love