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Monday, May 25, 2009


I am such a bad blogger, but since Marina is napping and I am laying beside her and can't sleep, I thought I'd make an entry.  Brian and I have been meaning to make a list of Marina's vocabulary words, but have been too lazy to start.  Now, her list is so long we probably wouldn't be able to capture it.  Here are a few of her "cuter" words:

Pococo = Popsicle
Nina = Marina (name given to her by her friend Judah and she now calls herself "Nina")
Dubby = Shelby (dog)
Nummy = Millie (dog)
Gha gha = kitty
Pich = chips (favorite food)
Peeta = pizza (phrase is "Oh boy, Peeta!")
Lollup = roll up (fruit roll up)
Dadoo = either stroller or shower (both current obsessions), depending on the emphasis
Guy = anyone who is not a baby (awkward when she says it to women who sort of look like guys - I find myself over explaining to them)
Yoyo = yellow (the first color she learned)
Gmm = (I don't know how to put the sound into letters) room, broom or boom
Oya = Hola (we eat at Mazatlan Restaurant a lot and everyone knows her)
Bo bo = Sombrero (again, from Mazatlan)
Ba ba = Crab (one of her first words - she's a big fan)
Pow = she says "pow" and bumps fists with us.  The cutest is she will "pow" everyone around her and then say "Nina pow" and pow herself.  She knows the timing too and will do it when she does something cool or thinks we are funny.
Not a word, but the only sign language she knows is more (knocking her fists together).  The best part is you can tell by the placement how bad she wants something.  If it's in front of her, that's "more", but the higher it gets, the more she wants the item.  Above the head is basically "If I don't get it, I'm going to make you pay!"  

I'm sure there are lots more, but right now that's all I can think of.  I'll post more when I think of them.  

I hope everyone is having a fun and sunny Memorial Day.

1 comment:

Stefan Trabinski said...

Oh my gosh this is toooo cute!! i love her vocabulary... we will have to teach stefan!! i think the poor guy is confused by which language is the one he is to use so he basically grunts and sounds off like a siren.. however he does say BA = Ball. ;-)