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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching up!

I have once again been guilted in to blogging by my friend Melissa.  Thanks for kicking my butt and making me do this!

As we left off at New Years, I do suppose I have a bit of catching up to do.  In January, I had the usual blood tests and early ultrasound tests to screen the baby for some chromosomal abnormalities.  I can now say I don't recommend these tests.  The blood test came back with an increased chance of the baby having some issues.  We then had an amnio which came back perfectly fine.  I've talked to more than a few people since this all started that said their blood tests did the same thing and it sucks, because it stresses you out for no reason.  Plus, the amnio (while not horrible) was not pleasant.  We did get to find out early that the baby is a boy!  We are very excited to get to have one of each and I think Marina is going to be an awesome big sister!

I celebrated my 35th birthday in January, which was good, but sort of depressing.  35 is old!  Plus, it was my first birthday without my dad.  Just another milestone to remind me of how much I miss him.  

February was a good month.  We had a few play dates with friends and Brian, Marina and I went to Lincoln City for Presidents Day/Valentine's Day weekend.  Then my mom, Marina and I went out the next week for more R&R at the beach.  Brian turned 38 last week, so even though I feel old, he will always be older!  

Marina has been up to her same old tricks and adding new ones to her playlist.  We've had some fun trips to the indoor playground as well as the playground outside on good days.  She is still in swimming classes, which she actually is starting to love.  The biggest thing though is her music and dance career.  She is obsessed.  I mean OBSESSED with Beyonce.  She LOVES her "Single Ladies" song and demands to listen to it many times throughout the day.  I bought the video for my computer and iPhone and now that she knows she can watch the video on demand, she demands that as well.  She points to the phone and says "Oo Oo!  Oo Oo!"  I'm trying to teach her Beyonce's hand moves in the video and she's catching on.  It's a little scary how single minded she is about it, but at the same time, its nice that she has passion!  Oh, Elmo and Abby Cadabby (both Sesame Street characters) are also her faves.  She loves the show and I made her one Elmo blanket and have the fabric for another one.  

Remodeling started and finished in Marina's new room!  She had a suicide window in her room that was almost floor to ceiling, single pane, un-tempered glass that had to be removed as well as some other weird stuff that the previous owner did.  So we had a smaller window put in as well as a new door and moulding.  We painted it a pretty green and it looks awesome!  I ordered her a big girl quilt from Pottery Barn Kids that is purple and green and her room is going to be so cute when it's completed!!  Here is a picture of her loving her new pillow sham. :)  

Oh, before Boy is born I really wanted to take a family trip with just Brian, Marina and me.  I had wanted to go to Disneyland, but something a little cheaper was more likely.  So, I made reservations for us to go on our first camping trip as a family.  We're going to Fort Stevens State Park and going to stay in a yurt!  I'm SO excited!  I hope she enjoys it and the weather is good.  We're doing the yurt partly because it's a little early in the year (May/June) and they are heated.  Also, I'm going to be a whale, so it will hopefully be a bit more comfortable for me.  

Okay well, I think that about covers it.  Oh, I am almost done with the Twilight series.  It has been awesome, but right now I just want to finish it.  Mostly my desire comes from the fact that I've been reading during Marina and my naptime and I'd like to get back to napping during nap time.  

Finally, here is a picture of Marina taken today at Pump It Up Jr.  It's an inflatable play area for little ones.  I have to post because she looks awesome!

Melissa - you make me want a Clarisonic.  I hate you for all of your good ideas and recommendations. :)

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Melissa said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! You blogged! All is right in the world again. Marina has gotten so big. You should try to get a video of her doing the beyonce dance. That would be awesome. The clarisonic is pretty awesome. I'm even more excited to see how my skin is in about a month when it settles back down and all the crap has been purged from my skin.