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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bad Blogger

I was told by my friend Melissa that I am a bad blogger for not giving any updates for over a month.  I think she might be the only person that follows our blog, so here I go!

Let's see.  Thanksgiving was fine.  Marina enjoyed all of the food that we did and I hit the after Thanksgiving sales.  It was hard having the first big holiday without my dad, but we made it through.  I think that's probably my main reason for not writing about recent events.  Everything is so weird without him.

In early December, we took a trip to Seattle to see some friends and some of Brian's relatives.  It was a fun, exhausting trip.  Marina got to hang out with her "old" friend London and made new friends with Tyler and Carter.  

Mid to late December was a blur of snow.  Marina and I barely left the house for over two weeks and I thought I was going to shoot myself by the time things thawed out.  It's not that I can't stay home, but "knowing" you can't leave makes you want to leave that much more.  

Christmas was good also.  Brian's parents were here and my mom spent the night on Christmas Eve.  Marina got a boatload of presents - it was sick, really, and she loves them all.  She'll be discovering new ones for months to come.  

Brian, Marina, the dogs and I went to my parents' place in Lincoln City for New Years.  That was probably the best part.  We just relaxed and played and had a great time together.  It was stormy, so that was cool and Marina had a really fun time hanging out.

Ok, I think we're caught up now.  Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope 2009 is better than 2008!!  

(I'll try to post some photos as well.)  

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