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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My week

This past week has been exciting.  Last Friday, mom and I babysat my friend Ace and hung out with he and his mom, Michelle.  We had a good time and played really hard. 
That night, "The Chans" (Baachan and Jiichan) came and stayed at my house and played with me.  We had a really good time and on Saturday, they took me out to breakfast!  Saturday night we hung out with Grandma and Sunday we went swimming.  Our swim trip was cut short though, because some kid pooped in the pool.  :(  Oh well, I was tired of dunking under the water anyway.  On Monday, we went walking with mom's friend, Angela.  She basically kicked our butt and we walked really far!  We did find time to play on the swings, though.  Mom and I have been sick this week but are starting to feel better.  Hmm - could it be because of the poopy pool kid?  Ick. 

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